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What is classroom management and why is it important? Classroom management is a process used by teachers to make sure the classroom lessons run smoothly. It helps teachers prevent any disruptive behavior of the students. Some of the teachers consider classroom management to be the most difficult aspect of teaching, because many of the teachers experience problems in the classroom, especially with young children and teenagers. Lack of discipline in the classroom and students' bad attitude can cause many teachers to feel frustrated. There are many reasons why discipline can become a problem in the classroom, for example it could be a teaching style. If the students are not able to pay attention in the class, do not like the teaching style, or the teacher is unable to reach them, students become bored and restless and can disrupt the classroom activity by doing something else such as talking, bothering other kids etc. Classroom management is a skill all teachers should try to master. After all, for students to learn effectively it is important for the teacher to inspire confidence in the students. teachers should try not to give control of the classroom to students, in fact a good teacher is the one who is in complete control of the class. There are many ways how the teacher can establish rapport in the classroom. Unit 5 of this course suggests using eye contact, gesture and proper voice when talking to the students. Eye contact is important to establishing good rapport, it conveys messages and is a good habit to have while talking to students, because it shows them that they are all involved in the lesson, indicates who is to speak, encourages contributions and in general shows that a teacher is confident. Gestures can add a visual interest to the conversation and clarify something students may not understand. Proper voice with correct clarity, range and projection can become very effective in making sure the class is fun and not monotone. Monotone instructions can make students bored and lead them to misbehave. Among other things teachers should be consistent in enforcing classroom rules and procedures, because rules give students direction and ensures that their expectations are met. Usually these rules should be set up at the beginning of the class. For example, it should be mandatory to come to class on time and turn in homework on time. The teacher must set an example by arriving to class early. He can have special treats or bonus points to reward the students who are punctual, this will motivate them to do their work, careful not to spoil them. teacher should always call students by name and it is essential he memorizes the names at the beginning of the class, this will help the teacher keep control and show the students that they are special and cared for. When grouping students together for an assignment, a teacher should be somewhat aware which students get along together and which students might need additional attention. There is no right way to group students for an activity, but the teacher should try to vary group work until he finds what works best. This includes activities geared to the whole class, students working on their own, students working in pairs, students working in small groups. Many link classroom management to motivation, discipline and respect for the teacher and I think it is true. When it comes to motivation, teacher should always demonstrate excitement for the lesson and make the lesson goal realistic. Expecting more than the students can handle can be frustrating and discouraging. In order to motivate the student, teacher needs to research and address students' interests and reward them for learning or at least acknowledge their effort. Discipline may be hard to achieve right away, but by setting up rules and procedures at the beginning of the school year will give students direction of what is expected from them. It is important to be consistent in the classroom to get results, so it is important that the teacher also follows these rules and procedures. Respect is a mutual thing, so if the teacher handles himself with calm and authority, it should not be too hard to gain. Respect begins with the teacher on day one, and establishing a mutual respect can bring an overall great atmosphere to the classroom.